Softball Diamond Improvement Project

Project Details

We have committed to the project of replacing our old concession stand and storage building. As part of the project we will be adding two restrooms. One of the bathrooms will be handicap accessible and family friendly, the other a standard bathroom. The project will also make the storage area accessible to the concession stand, allowing for more room in the work area. The concession stand window will be moved to face the bleachers, allowing better crowd flow ability during busy times, with windows to see the field during playing times. More counter space and ceiling fans will also be put in to aid workers.


In the mid-1940s, Dan Andreessen started fundraising for a new ball diamond on his land in the southeast corner of town. It was to replace the original one that was in the present-day Konken Park. Dan, Charlie Nevenhoven, Charlie Juel, Harvey Dilger, and Ernest Alter served on the board. They raised funds by selling $25 shares to pay for the construction and equipment costs. It became the first park in the area with underground electric lights. Years later, the park was given to the Reformed Church of Stout by Dan’s son Harlen Andreessen. The Park has been used since then for town league ball games, Church league softball, town celebrations, fireworks, and Little League.

Reason for This Project

The current building is suffering from age, and rotting from bottom up. We feel it is better to tear down the old building, at this point, and start new. When city sewer was installed in town a few years ago, we were told we could no longer use the outhouses we had in place for many years. So, for the last few years we have been renting portable toilets. The new bathrooms will cut our expenses for restrooms to roughly one third of the cost of the portable toilets. It will also make them useful to those needing a handicapped restroom, and parents of young children who struggled or could not use the portable toilets.

Future Plans and Goals

  • Continued and expanded use for community events
  • Continued Church league
  • Continued Little League use
  • Expanding Church league by inviting the unchurched to participate
  • Possible your church/ball camp
  • Be a positive and outgoing presence in the community and surrounding area

Project Funding

The estimated cost of this project is $28,000. We plan to break ground when funding reaches 75% of that cost. We are funding by private donations, and applying for grants. We thank you for your support.

Checks payable to: The Reformed Church of Stout

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